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Get your child active and grooving to age appropriate music and fun dance challenges. Our Hip-Hop class is designed to encourage your dancer to have fun, express themselves and stay healthy through music and art. Students will learn the newest dance moves, as well as some old-school favorites! Young dancers will work on choreography and solo dance moves then create music videos to share with family and friends at the end of each semester.


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Breakdancing is the most athletic and acrobatic branch of hip-hop dance. Young dancers will learn the value of hard work, determination, commitment and repetition through positive reinforcement and fun filled challenges. Classes will incorporate a fun, safe and efficient pathway to learning breakdancing starting with basic hip-hop dance moves then transition to more challenging breakdancing concepts under the direction of our experienced instructors.


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Calling all ninjas! By changing how students view simple objects, students will use the art forms of parkour, tumbling and martial arts to overcome obstacles as swiftly and efficiently as possible using only their bodies. At any level of experience, our class offers a full body workout, improves one’s ability to move, increases confidence and changes how one sees the world. Our Ninja Training class improves strength, speed, agility, coordination, stamina, endurance and precision.